Our Tuscan agricultural estate is situated only a few kilometers from both the ancient Etruscan-Roman city of Tuscana (known today as Tuscania) and Tarquinia, one of the most important Etruscan centers, and located exactly in the middle of TUSCIA.
olio in tavolaSince 1888, our estate has been producing extra virgin olive oil with the precise intention of putting on the market a natural product that maintains all the natural sensorial characteristics and vitaminic properties that for centuries have been considered beneficial to the health of consumers.
The varieties of olives like Canino, Leccino and Frantoio used to produce this oil assure a smooth, fruity flavour.
The olives are hand-picked from the trees between November-December when their colour is changing  from green to black.  This method assures a very low acidity level.
The oil of “Categoria Superiore” (Superior Quality) results from the olives being gathered  only a few hours before mechanical cold-pressing.

No chemical products have been used


  • Francesco Leandri - Company founder - 1888
  • Francesco Marini Leandri and his wife Ludovica - 2000
  • The farm Tuscanese
  • The customer reception hall
  • The bottling center
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