The extra virgin olive oil produced by our Tuscanese agricultural estate has been analyzed by the Laboratoria Chimico Merceological of the C.C.I.A.A. in Rome, and was classified as of  Qualità Superiore (Superior Quality).

Chemical Analysis of the Product 2014/2015
Method in accordance with Reg. CEE 2568/1991 del 11-07-1991
Parameter Fatty acids metal ester
  results unit of measurement
Total 85,4 %
Parameter Sterol composition
  results unit of measurement
Cholesterol 0,0 %
  results Norm
Acidity 0,3 % 0,8%
No. of Peroxides     8 mEq 20 mEq
Total polyphenols
(MIP - 17-Rev. 01)
300 mg/Kg
Esters alchil 10  

Tuscanese extra virgin olive oil is rich in unsaturated acids, that our organism cannot produce, are very important in the diet for the prevention of cardiovascular disease.
The norm requires that extra virgin oil must have a maximum of 0,8% acidity: Tuscanese extra virgin olive oil has always had very low acidity (see table above).
The lower the acid level, the greater the certainty that the oil comes from healthy olives, gathered from the trees at the right level of ripeness and immediately pressed.
The DOP TUSCIA brand (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) guarantees that the olives used are of the Tuscia zone.